523325_10152043698875084_1447542863_nJoel K. Sullivan lives in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. He first fell in love with storytelling as a child. While he and his brother played, they would create background stories and characters for their various activities and games. He was an avid reader as a child but it wasn’t until years later, after reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, that Joel decided to write his own stories down.

As an active member in the YouTube community Joel has created hundreds of videos on multiple channels, filmed in exotic locations across the world, and is the content manager at Buffer Festival. He is also a co-writer of ‘Vlogumentary’, a feature length documentary on “YouTube vlogging”.

While currently writing his debut novel, a fantasy epic that has taken him far too long too actually put down on paper, he enjoys spending most of his time distracted by his new baby boy.

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